BWW Discussion Meeting: Thursday December 2nd

This Thursday December the 2nd at 7pm (via zoom) Brown War Watch welcomes to our discussion of the coup in Sudan Marine Alneel, Mental Health Professional, and social and political activist, founder and President of Afia Institute for Community and Psychological Wellness Services and Studies. If you have any questions or would like the Zoom address please write to us at

Marine is a Sudanese national living in New York who has been part of the protests in Sudan to establish civilian rule for years. In 2019, she was interviewed by Hassan Minhaj as part of the Netflix show Patriot Act, discussing her experiences and predictions for the future of the movement.

Since then, much progress was made until a recent coup undermined the transition to civilian rule and cast the future of Sudan into uncertainty once more. With internet and media blackout engulfing the country, it is difficult to find reliable information about the current state of affairs. Therefore, we are excited to receive up-to-date information from Marine and learn more about how we may aid the revolutionaries in Sudan by amplifying the voices of Neighborhood Resistance Committees.

The video linked above provides helpful information about the background of the protests until 2019. For more in depth overviews of the history as well as the more recent events, please see the following articles:

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