BWW Discussion Meeting: Thursday September 23rd

Brown War Watch will meet online this Thursday evening at 8pm to discuss ongoing conflicts, developments in the military industrial complex, tension amongst superpowers, and pathways to peace.

All political and spiritual beliefs welcome, united in the quest for a more peaceful planet. End the Endless Wars!

Please email for the Zoom link.


So much to talk about, here is some of the stuff we’ve been looking

Nuclear Modernization:

On the costs of nuclear modernization (a bit sanitized but has some useful info):

The nuclear club – who’s in it and who is not:

The world’s nuclear arsenal:

On Iran: Iran nuclear program timeline (similarly sanitized but has useful info):

Why doesn’t the US want Iran to have nukes? (the real reasons) (the mainstream narrative if you can stomach an ADL piece)

Israel/Iran tensions (related to what I think is the real reason the US won’t let Iran have nukes, they don’t want Iran to be protected from attack by the US or Israel):

US recklessness/Broken Arrows:

US “Broken arrow” incidents:

Historic and Ongoing Environmental and Human Destruction:

The UN ban of nuclear weapons:

Online Resources on the Nuclear Issue:

Nuclear Arms Race – China & Russia (especially the quest for “small” or “low-yield” nuclear warheads:
A bit more historical:

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