BWW Discussion Meeting: Thursday March 25th 2021

Brown War Watch meets online every Thursday at 7pm to discuss ongoing conflicts, developments in the military industrial complex, tension amongst superpowers, and pathways to peace.

All political and spiritual beliefs welcome, united in the quest for a more peaceful planet. End the Endless Wars!

Please email for the Zoom link.

THIS WEEK’S DISCUSSIONProfessor Catherine Lutz

This week – Thursday March 25th at 7pm –  we are honored to be joined in discussion by Professor Catherine Lutz  – the Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Family Professor of Anthropology and International Studies at the Watson Institute for International Studies, here at Brown University. Professor Lutz is also the co-Director of the COSTS OF WAR program, and on the board of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

.:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:We couldn’t be more excited!!:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: 

Professor Lutz a national authority on war and society and a critical voice for the power in restraint. She is also an incredibly generous and supportive scholar within the Brown community.

The Costs of War Project has produced dozens of papers in the past decade from a diverse and expansive group of experts. These papers aim to provide authoritative empirical evidence on the true costs of American militarism – blood, treasure, and so much more. In recent years, they have broken through the propaganda wall, and are receiving widespread coverage in the US media –  making a considerable and vitally important difference, adding balance to the conversation in our War on Terror era.

In just this past year they have highlighted the true depth and breadth of American interventions through “counterterrorism” operations, the human suffering of our endless war in Afghanistan, the extent of the militarization of the US police force, and the opportunity costs of war in our age of climate crisis.  This is just a fraction of their critical, conversation-changing, and eye-opening work – we strongly encourage you to explore more of it –  here.

As well as speaking with Prof. Lutz about the current state of U.S militarism and its myriad costs, we will also be talking to her about developing career and research skills that challenge the war machine, how we might stay engaged with the CoW project, and where she sees possibilities for change in the current paradigm (and how we can get involved with it!).

It will surely be a rich and informative discussion, while ensuring plenty of time for your questions. BWW Discussion meetings are never to be missed – but this one should be extra special – we hope you’ll join us on Thursday night.

Please email for the Zoom link.

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