BWW Discussion Meeting: Thursday March 11th

Brown War Watch will be meeting Thursday March 11th at 7pm to discuss ongoing conflicts, developments in the military industrial complex, and pathways to peace. All political and spiritual beliefs welcome, united in the quest for a more peaceful planet. End the Endless Wars!

Please email for the Zoom link.


Military Industrial Complex

This week Brown War Watch welcomes Christian Sorensen to the discussion, the author of the new book “Understanding the War Industry,” by Clarity Press. Christian is a preeminent expert and reporter on the Military Industrial Complex, Brown alum, and military veteran.

His ongoing work can be found at . We look forward to a discussion with Christian in which we question who profits from war, broach the behavior of War Corporations, how military contracts work, and the ways in which the industry corrupts our democracy – among other areas of interest.

For more info on what’s happening right now surrounding local efforts to move the RI economy away from the military industrial complex check out our previous post about legislative efforts to divest state pension funds from weapons manufacturers.

For a bit of local history surrounding the military industrial complex check out this article from 2018 highlighting one instance of many of funds from New England state coffers flowing into Electric Boat/General Dynamics.

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