BWW Discussion Meeting: Tuesday November 10th 2020

Brown War Watch meets online every Tuesday at 7pm to discuss ongoing conflicts, developments in the military industrial complex, and pathways to peace.

All political and spiritual beliefs welcome, united in the quest for a more peaceful planet. End the Endless Wars!

Please email for the Zoom link.


The Global impact of the US election

The significance of Biden’s win for major countries.

Challenges Biden will face in foreign policy.

Russia’s stance on the election.

How US-Saudi relations may change.

Sanguine Defense Contractors

A return of Obama-era personnel – with extensive relations with The Blob

Other Key Issues: US-Saudi relations and the war in Yemen, Israel/Palestine, nuclear arms deals, climate change pressures, the shift from Trump’s approach of economic nationalism & unilateralism to one more grounded & supportive of international institutions & multilateralism, addressing strained alliances.

Increased hostilities within Ethiopia that threaten to destabilize the region
Links: NYTWSJAl Jazeera

Open floor discussion on topics of concern or interest.

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