Action Sheet: Bolivia

With unsettling signs emerging from Bolivia on election day (10/18/2020) – including militarized streets & intimidation of international observers –  we encourage the international community to keep their eyes steadfast on events there as democracy hangs in the balance.

If you’re wondering what you can do we’ve put together an action sheet that may help.

The action sheet contains info on who you can donate to, who to follow (on twitter) to keep up to speed with what’s happening, some sources to learn more, and a helpful tool to help you find the contact info for your reps in the house and senate. You can download a pdf that that includes hyperlinks below. Feel free to download and share!

If you just want the links without downloading the file they can be found below the download button.

Donate to:
Andean Information Network


Listen and Watch:
Bolivia and Brazil at the

Reflecting on MAS’ Legacy and
Bolivia’s Future

Find contact information by
entering your zip code
here for the House,
and by sorting the table
here by State for the

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